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Estate Jewelry

H ere are Gold Designs Inc, we love well made jewelry. And while our modern jewelry pieces are quality made, there is always something special about estate jewelry. It can be from different eras--either recent or vintage.


In either situation, these pre-owned pieces represent some of the finest design available. The older pieces were often made as one-of-a-kind. And all estate jewelry is really hard to find today. So the next time you're visiting Gold Designs Inc, make sure to take a moment to enjoy our showcase devoted especially to estate jewelry pieces. You'll notice that they are all individual and certainly unique.

We'll be happy to tell you what we know about each piece. You may discover an item that you absolutely love . . . or know someone who would treasure it as well. Stop by Gold Designs Inc, soon and let us give you a personal preview of our estate jewelry collection, selected with care just for you.